I am now teaching the goat operations class 102 for Farm to Consumer Foundation.

Join us for a four-part series - over the phone, from the convenience of your home. 

For farmers at all levels of cow/goat share experience and consumers who want to learn more about the topic.

Classes are in April, June and August 2012


Farm Items for Sale

Could be anything on this list, from equipment to livestock items to livestock themselves!

I will be updating this list as things are sold and/or selected for sale.  No fencing at this time.



300 gallon fuel tank. Working condition, had diesel in it but empty now. new fittings



grain bin 14' diameter

$500 disassembled



walk-in cooler 8x10

cam lock assembly

$300 disassembled



Self catching headcatch.

Needs a little work $75


5' bunk feed trough
100 gallon water tank $60
one available
350 gallon water tank



triple decker grow out pen/brooder


all water/feed troughs in tact, bottom tray missing


gated irrigation pipe

30'  $45 29 pieces


new gates on the pipes


 universal hydrant 8"

150 each - have 1

universal hydrant 10"

150 ea


1 metal brooder


Metal one needs a new top.



 4' hay feeder with pan, adjustable legs

brand new-never used $250 each

multiple purchase discount

4 available



 Creep feed panel

brand new $100

1 available

This handy panel will allow you to creep feed your kids with out the nannies getting to the feed. Vertical bars are fully adjustable in 2" increments. This is a 4' X 4' panel.

EZ Goat Holder - Brand new
This holder was designed to take to the bigger shows where space is limited. You won't have to worry about lugging a heavy fitting stand threw the crowds just grab your EZ goat holder it easily bolts to any panel or fence. With a couple of lag bolts it can even be bolted to a wooden fence. All you need is a half inch wrench.

Price:  $50.00


This is a 1033 3-wide bale wagon with a brand new hydrolic pump in it.  It is in really good condition and works well.  We just don't have enough hay to use it.  It was serviced last fall.



 Hay accumulator w/grapple $1600



20" Tall x 18" Wide.  These baskets make for easy feeding of hay.  Great for shows or small pens.  Stackable and lightweight for easy hauling and storage. 

$25 each brand new unpainted

6 available


 wall mount hay rack




15 gallon containers.  They need to be rinsed but otherwise you can do many things with them.

Cut in half they make great hay or grain feeders.

These are free if someone will just take them, I have 6



Cement Mixer - Electric



10' bunk feed trough

$100 each


shed kit 10x10


Still in the box





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